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Petition of Support

By adding your name/organization to this public listing, you are indicating your support of the mission and goals of ADCRC.


The Illinois African Descent-Citizens Reparations Commission (ADCRC), sanctioned by 20 ILCS 405/405- 540, consists of Illinois residents appointed to serve as Commissioners. The Commission is tasked with researching and presenting findings on Illinois' involvement in the slave trade and its effects on African Americans, evaluating ways to recognize the past, and curating recommendations for reconciliation through reparations.

Some of the duties the Commission shall perform include:        

  1. Develop and implement measures to ensure equity, equality, and parity for African American descendants of slavery;
  2. Hold hearings to discuss the implementation of measures to ensure equity, equality, and parity for African American descendants of slaves; and        
  3. Educate the public on reparations for African American descendants of slavery.

By taking action to rectify these wrongs, Illinois demonstrates a commitment to healing and advancing equity for all members of our community. For this reason, we express our strong support for the ADCRC’s study of injustices and disparities suffered by African-American descendants of slavery, and the recommendation for reparations.



Academic/Student Organization

  • World Changers Victorious Life Prep Academy
  • Y.U.R.W.I.
  • Reparations4slavery

Athletic Clubs & Groups

  • Follow Twice LLC

Civic or Government Organizations

  • Black American Voters Project
  • All in America LLC
  • Black Millennial Renaissance
  • Resident Association of Greater Englewood
  • Fathers, Families, & Healthy Communities
  • California Reparations Task Force
  • Women's All Points Bulletin WAPB
  • Fulton County Reparations Taskforce
  • Black Roots Alliance
  • LEB Social Impact Enterprises, LLC
  • AfroDescendant Nation
  • Washtenaw County
  • Community Development Sustainable Solutions (CDSS-ESL)
  • Illinois Juneteenth Committee (IJC)
  • U.S. EPA
  • LEB Social Impact Enterprises, LLC


Entertainment Groups

  • Reset Race Inc
  • Peace Be Still Creative Works
  • Uncomfortable Truth Lifestyle

Faith-Based Organizations

  • Covenant UCC
  • The Racial Justice Committee of the First Presbyterian Church of Wilmette
  • Lake Street Church
  • Beth Emet Temple

  • University Church Black Lives Matter Committee
  • AFRE
  • Afrodescendant Nation

Historical Societies

  • Black Remembrance Project
  • New Negro Republic Lineage Society

Political & Activist Groups

  • Sistematic Podcast
  • Chicago N’COBRA Chapter
  • African American Leadership and Policy Institute
  • Chicago Juneteenth Coalition
  • GoodKids MadCity
  • Racial Justice Coalition
  • Bethesda African Cemetery Coalition
  • Oak Park Reparations Task Force
  • Uncomfortable Truth Lifestyle
  • Activist Bae®
  • Worker's Center For Racial Justice and Gender Equity

Public Members

  • Simone Aleiz Randolph
  • Milvia Rodriguez
  • James Holloway
  • Daunte Henderson
  • Melodie Slaughter
  • Courtney Washington
  • Jewel Hale
  • Chandler McFall
  • Marvin Slaughter Sr
  • DeKevious Wilson
  • Shayla Gammon
  • Christopher Swann
  • Christian Agbabiaka
  • Johnny Kimble
  • Ariyana Randolph Miles
  • Alishe White
  • Paris Tyler

Social Club & Groups

  • African American Homeowners Association Group